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Default Re: Re: MS Mardi Gras Memories

Our first, second, and third cruises were aboard the Mardi Gras.
I would sail her again if I could. There were only two cabins on the ship
with king size beds, and we had one of those the second two cruises.
The best thing I remember is you could hardly get from one end of the ship to
the other without going up and down the stairs. It did not have the long hallways
you see today on the mega ships. It's layout was all "chopped up" .
It added to the adventure trying to figure out where you were and how
to get to where you were going. Our table companions were the greatest.
They were in their 60's and it was hard for us young'uns to keep up
with their level of activity. The were a hoot, always inviting us down to
their cabin for a "nightcap" at the end of every day.
Those were the days............................

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