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Originally Posted by cassbeth225
Hey Falconman and all others ,thanks for replies. I know I will have a great time. Will probably play cards a lot with friends(old and new if I can find some that play cards),not big on casino. Thanks for the heads up on the suite,so I really don't need one unless I want a big bathroom and since my daughter won't be sharing a cabin with us this time ,I won't need a big bathroom. She has a whole suitcase for her toiletries. I just want her and her friends to have fun. They picked the cruise line. We are easy going people so we will probably enjoy this. My daughter likes the idea of eating whenever and not having early or late seating for dinner.
Cass, the library/card room is a great place to waste away the day or part of it anyway. They have Bridge games going morning and night, but if other games are your thing you can play them as well. I just read the latest review on the Sun and the poster did not seem to enjoy her too much even though his remarks were positive. Don't worry too much, everyone looks at things in a different light. NMnita
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