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I am suprised that Carnival reps were unaware of the issues that were encountered with the water lines and plumbing on board, especially since it did make news. But I guess if they are in the dark... .then they cannot comment. Since it doesn't sound like your getting to change your itinerary/ship... try to enjoy it and have a good time. Hopefully things will be fixed and all amenities up and working.


Great suggestions for anyone going out in the next few weeks. Until they get things straightened out... document what is wrong so that you have something to support your claims. This is perfect not just on these fresho out of drydock carnival ships... but any cruise line.

to all cruisers...
Most importantly.... just have fun. Everything won't be totally bad... so enjoy the things that you can enjoy. Nothing ever goes as planned on any cruise and there will always be a bump in the ocean to deal with.
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