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Default Re: Re: Carnival Legend 7/26 delayed

My day "on vacation" will be spent sitting in my house. I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars a day to sit in my house. I can do that for free.

Nornally you board the ship around noon (even though they tell you its 1:30) and then you are on vacation. Food, entertainmet, etc. Now, the ship will sail at midnight and I will have the priviledge of paying hundreds of dollars to do nothing more than sleep in a room smaller than a Motel 6, and get nothing else today.

I called Carnival, and could not get 1 inch beyond the gate keeper on the phone. I understand that this person is not authorized to make decisions, but I wanted to speak to a person who was a higher level. They insisted that there was nobody there who could talk to me. I tried and tried and they would not give me the name of a single person.

When I was shopping for this cruise, their commissioned salespeople would call me 3 times per day to get my business. I guess they don't have to do that now because they have my money.

What happened to "the customer is always right?" Perhaps they are not legally obigated to fix this. But what they HAVE to do and what they CAN do are two different things. If they don't rectify this, I will advise every person I know to never sail with Carnival.
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