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Default Re: Re: Re: Carnival Legend 7/26 delayed

I got to talk to someone at Carnival who said that right now the compensation is $20 pp but when we board there might be some other consideration given. She would not say what. Maybe it depends on particular circumstances. I hope there is some other monetary compensation because this is really a waste of a whole day for me. I am sitting here on the computer instead of on my way to the ship. She suggested I get to the ship at 8. Can you imagine how crowded it will be down there. Well, at least the Legend is the only ship. I read on another board that this sailing that is coming in had some really bad weather and a few people flew home from San Juan. They are all inconvenienced too because they are getting in very late and would have to change their pickup arrangements from the ship which could be expensive. Do you think Carnival will pay for their ship to shore calls?
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