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Default Re: Carnival Legend 7/26 delayed

If the ship was delayed due to a medical emergency, don't you think it should be the passenger who took ill that should reimburse everyone who was inconvenienced???

That is what a logical conclusion would be!!

I have NO IDEA why anyone would think the cruise lines should be responsible, and cover every possible contingency.

Perhaps every person who boards should have to present a report on their physical condition, and sign a waiver stating if they get ill they should simply be abandoned at sea, as to not inconvenience any other passengers.

If they state the ship is sailing at midnight.... rather than 5 or 6 PM, this is a delay of perhaps 6 hrs.
If normal boarding is noon, delayed boarding would probably start at 6 PM. And of this people want to be compensated???

Sorry folks.... but GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!

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