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Default Re: Carnival Legend 7/26 delayed

Sorry Kuki, but medical emergencies are just a cost of doing business and should be built into their pricing structure. Most of the time it doesn't happen, but if it does, then the cruise line should absorb it.

You and I could get the exact same car repair done at our repair shop and it will take the mechanic 30 minutes to do yours and 5 hours to do mine. But we both pay the same thing. It averages out and its just a cost of doing business.

BTW---if the Carnival people are telling me the truth, the ship won't arrive in NY til 6PM and they then have to clean the ship and disembark the passengers. They are telling people to board at 9:30. Under normal conditions, you could show up 2 hours early and board. But I doubt it in this case. Instead of an 8 or 10 hour turnarond, its a 6 hour turnarond.

But a day is lost. Thats why crusies don't leave at midnight.

I realize this is unavoidable. But I still think Carnival should be making good on this. Build it into the pricing structure.
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