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Default Legend went to Bermuda for emergency!

For those who want to know what happen. A man had a sevre heart attack a day after leaving Tortola. The only place to go was Bermuda because we were to far from land and a chopper could not make it since we were like 600 miles from land. Many people lost flight and all but we all understood well becuase we all felt bad. I think his name was Joe and he had the heartattack soon after he was on the hairy chest contest. They said he was not looking good. It was some cruise. On monday the ship tipped to the port side. People fell and like 4 peoeple had to chase the bingo machine on stage so it would not fall and Carnival lost money. The sunday we left we left late because the were getting a delivery of liquir. Someone said it was all on the floor after we tipped. Then the same day we left the man in Bermuda a young girl fell on the sun deck . She hit hear head really bad on the side and I mean bad. You heard the bang when her head hit. I was right there on a deck chair when she fell. For a moment I thought we had to go back to Bermuda.
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