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The cruise ships can really only be held accountable if they are pouring and serving alcohol directly to the consumer. In this case, it sounds as if the alcohol (abscinth) was coming from others, as RCCL has stated it is not served on board their ships. Others could be buying alcohol for George and his wife as well... and the bartenders could not have known.

Herein is where responsibility lies.... more so...PERSONAL responsibility versus responsibility of the cruise line. It has become so easy to blame someone else for our own actions, rather than accepting responsibility that MAYBE sometimes we were out of control or wrong. While I am not saying that RCCL is totally free from blame... but someone PLEASE tell me how they are responsible for the wrongful death of this guy??? They didn't push him over...

I feel terrible for the family... but I think they need to listen to and read the statements which came from witnesses. I think they are barking up the wrong tree by filing wrongful death lawsuit against RCCL... as they did nothing differently than they do with ANY passenger on board their ships while they are alive.

Just my opinion....
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