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I totally agree with Wiscguy all comes down to personal responsibility.

They were drinking alcohol that was smuggled on board. Absinthe is deadly. My personal opinion is that the guys took George back to his room, he was so drunk he knocked around the cabin (causing the sounds that sounded like a fight), went out on the balcony and in his impaired state, he tried to do something he shouldn't have and fell overboard to the overhand. After being unconscious for awhile, he woke up disoriented and fell off the ship. It is sad, but is it a crime? And if I were his wife, I would NEVER have left him alone in that state. So, I do think the wife has some culpability here.......of course she was so into herself that she appeared not to care that night.

Personal Responsibility, folks! You break the rules, you can't sue the cruise line for negligence!
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