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Default Re: Legend went to Bermuda for emergency!

I was also on the Legend. This has been an interesting vacation to say the least - this is my review - I'm making it as short and sweet as possible!!

Sunday we were delayed an hour, and I never found out why, but we assumed it was the weather. I was miserable Sunday b/c our T.A.(Cheap Tickets) screwed us up. To be honest I don't want to get into it, but my family will NEVER book through them again!!

Monday there was a storm the night before. My grandparents cabin was in the back of the ship and they said it was a really rock and bumpy all night long! It rained ALL day (it put alot of people in bad moods from what I saw and heard)! I think we got one hour of sun (at 3:30 the sun broke through, it made us a little bit happy, and then 4:30 came, and it POURED - bye bye sun!) The ship was very rocky and alot of people were sea sick (I saw quite a few people running to the bathrooms and one lady I saw vomiting.)

Tuesday was nice. We had sun all day (that raised everyones spirits!) and I believe that this was the day the ship tipped! All I know is I was in the bathroom and EVERYTHING on the shelves fell ontop of me! I was so scared b/c I thought we were really going to tip over that I ran out of my room and I was heading for my muster station! By time I got to the stairwell we were upright! It definately affected the shops onboard. I think they were closed the rest of that day/night. You couldn't buy liquor b/c all of it crashed onto the floor and the crew set up fans to dry the floor!! WHAT A MESS!!

Wednesday there was a spa special, buy a full body massage and get a mini facial free! So, at 11 am I made my appointment, and at 11:45 am I was in the room getting pampered! The masseuse's name was Beverly and she was wonderful! I had a kink in my neck for 2 weeks prior to the cruise, and she found it and work it out! Now NO more kink!! YEAY!! We arrived in San Juan at 2 pm. My family and I took a tour for 2 1/2 hours with a man who promised us free drinks at the end of the tour, but we never saw that. That was a scam! We walked around the streets a little bit and went shopping. Unfortunately the shops all closed at 6! Around 9 o'clock we were heading towards the ship and we found a man with 3 parrots on his arms and head. Everyone wanted to take pictures and he allowed us to take personal pictures with the birds. The only catch was that we had to buy his picture that he took with his polariod camera, so we did! I enjoyed that alot. I had the red bird on my right arm, my brother had the white one and my cousin had the green one on her left arm. It was a great picture! (I can't wait to get my pictures back!) Back on board at 10:00pm and, we set sailed at midnight! There was a dance party on the Lido deck that began at 10:30 - it was so much fun!!

Thursday we arrived in St. Thomas - Beautiful Island! (I was with my family of 11 and we took an excursion to St. John's Trunk Bay) - this was an outcoming for alot of people in my family - my mother and uncle who NEVER go underwater swam underwater with our snorkle gear!! Whoo hooo - and my grandfather who NEVER EVER EVER goes in the water - went in to his waste!! This beach was absolutely breath taking!! After the tour we went shopping for a little bit. I bought some liquor and cigar's for my bf who was not with me on this trip. We were back on the ship by 5:30 and off to Tortola it was!!

Friday we arrived in Tortola and you want to talk about hot! It had to be 90 degrees or higher at 7 am... it was SOOOOOOO hot!! Our excursion was to go to the Vigrin Gorda (caves and rocks - ooooh ahhhh!) This was my favorite part of the trip!! If you are considering this excursion do it - BUT I recommend not having any bags, and don't wear shoes b/c it's quite slippery on the rocks - your feet grab the rocks better bare foot. We had a large group with us here (15 of my family member and and 6 of my cousin's friends.) You have to clicmb up big boulders and crawl in tiny spaces inorder to get to the other side where the beach and baths are. My mother fell into the water and she hit her jaw on the rock, my brother slipped on a rock, and I cut my toe on a rock which caused me to see blood! =( On the other end of the caves were the baths. It was breath taking and SO worth the rock climbing and cave crawling!!! Back on the ship at I believe it was 2 pm and - back to NY - bye bye Caribbean - hello crappy weather!

Saturday was another beautiful day in the morning. A few of us went to breakfast and then went to the Lido deck to soak in the rays of sun! Later on that day it was the men's hairy chest competition. I guess it was raining out b/c the main pool where the competition was being held was covered. The crew closed the top making it an indoor pool. The man who had the heart attack was the last competitior and his song was YMCA. He was a heavy set man who looked quite young. (I know this from watching the video on the tv in my cabin) After he did the YMCA all the men danced in a big circle around the pool and then did a quick little dance in front of the judges again. However, he did not. He kind of walked away and you could see how red his chest and ears were and how white his face was. One of my cousins was in the Unicorn Cafe and saw the man leave the pool area and walk into the air conditioning. Then he collapsed saying "help me, my left arm is numb". (I don't know word for word - or if that is the exact place - I just know my cousin saw him and he was crying for help.)
My other cousin (11 years old) at this time was in the hair salon getting her hair braided (20 minutes or so have past from the Hairy Chest Competition), and my little 5 year old cousin and another cousin (18) were waiting to go into the elevator. The doors opened and the man was in there sweating profusely and he had a breathing mask on. (He had a nurse with him). At this point my cousin didn't know what was going on. About 2 hours later our C.D. made the announcement that one of our fellow cruisers was in serious condition and that we would be going to Bermuda b/c it was the closest Island. (the captain contacted the Coast Guard, and this is where he was instructed to go Bermuda was only 350 miles from where we were, and Florida was 600 miles.)

Sunday we got to Bermuda but 9:30. The Captain must have hauled ass to get there b/c the CD told us the day before that we wouldn't get there until 11 am. It was a successful rescue and the poor man was put onto a little Coast Guard boat. They had to lay him down on the floor in the middle of the room which was inside the boat. Alot of people were outside their balconies watching - including me - and I have it on video. After his boat was off everyone clapped, I guess we were just happy for him and he was lucky he made it through the night. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Everyone was out getting tan. Around 4 pm a little girl fell and got knocked out, I don't know much about this b/c I was on the sun deck. (I do know that it is VERY easy to fall around the pool when it gets wet b/c the floor has nothing on it to grip your feet with.) Poor girl - I hope she's ok. (I played win a free cruise bingo and I was 1 # away from winning. I needed O69 - but no luck.)

Monday - this was the worst disembarking I have ever seen. We pulled into NY harbor around 4:30 and we didn't dock until 6 pm. I didn't physcially get off the ship until 8pm. In the port it was MASS CHAOS b/c there were hardly any porters and we had to take our own luggage! We had 15 bags and there were 3 of us!! GO FIGURE! I didn't get into my fathers truck until 8:30 - that wasn't so bad - but it was VERY insaine! Alot of people were fighting and swearing!! (myself included!)

Overall - I was not too impressed with Carnival. The fact that I had an upgraded cabin from inside to one with a balcony was awesome!! The ship was beautiful but a little overdone for my taste. There were toooo many urns, and it kind of reminded me to the Titanic. The food was not that great - the Gala Buffet was a HUGE disappointment and it was the smallest one I've seen. The entertainment was just ok, and our C.D. (Brett Alans) was only to be found at the shows. That was a big disappointment. (When I sailed with Royal Caribbean, the CD's there were at every event!)

I LOVED the Islands! St. John's was breath taking and Virgin Gorda was beautiful, and my favorite excursion yet!! San Juan was ok - I enjoyed the bird man!!

I hope that you enjoyed my review!! (I'll probably edit it later! Now I have to get ready for work - UGH!)


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