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Sorry to hear you've been so upset that you feel the need for a break and that you've been brought to tears by one person posting, when there are so many of us here who enjoy your posts.

It's really not a great idea to be so "personally invested" that the comments of an anonymous person on a message board upsets you so much.

It's a big internet community, with lots of people posting. There's always some you'll find an affinity towards, and some you may simply never feel you'll get along with.. either on the message boards, or if you were to meet in real life.

I think it's really important to differentiate, and enjoy the ability to communicate with those you feel an affinity towards, and to ignore the comments of those you don't.

On very rare occassions a person may be mean enough to be posting to be hurtful or just to make themselves seem controversial in some manner.... but the vast majority of posts and posters are friendly and just using the site to communicate their opinions, and not to intentionally hurt anyone.

Just concentrate on seperating the "chaffe" and enjoy "socializing and communicating with the ones you enjoy.
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