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My god!!! Is everyone that cruises Celebrity as worn and stuffy as these people? All this over a dress code??? Perhaps anyone under the age of 70 should cruise elsewhere. I thought I was going on vacation.....not a fashion show. Get a life!!!

Well, "different strokes for different folks" is more like it. Celebrity Cruises has a very different style than, for example, Carnival Cruises and obviously caters to a different segment of the population. You can brand it as "stuffy" if you want, but Celebrity's passengers are "upscale" kinds of folks who enjoy dressing up for the evening. In fact, Celebrity still has "informal" evenings in addition to the formal evenings on every cruise, so you'll have to dress up more often on a Celebrity cruise than on most others. Here, "informal" means that each gent wears a shirt with a collar, slacks, and a sport coat (a necktie is optional) and most ladies wear cocktail dresses. Celebrity definitely is not a suitable choice of cruise line for those who prefer to hang out with a "pretzels and beer in jeans and a T shirt" crowd.

That said, a Celebrity cruise definitely is not staid. The line attracts a good cross section of people of all ages, and it offers an extensive variety of evening entertainment. Most of the line's ships have a piano bar, a guitarist, a string quartet, and a couple combos that play live music for dancing. The shows are also very energetic. There's also the usual karioke, casino, disco, etc., on all of the line's ships. The major difference between Celebrity and most other "mass market" lines is the elegance of the formal and informal evenings.

For better or worse, the dress of the participants is a major part of what sets the atmosphere for the formal and informal evenings. Social etiquette demands that one conform to dress standards established by the host of an event (in this case, the cruise line), so enforcement should not be necessary. Unfortunately, more than a few people have put the cruise line in the awkward position of having to enforce standards in order to maintain them....

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