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My wife and I are veterens of Caribbean crusing but have
never cruised the Mexican Riviera.

She is afraid it would be boaring to her.

I tend to disagree.

Someone, please fill me in on the Mexican Riviera and compare
and contrast with the Caribbean if possible.

If you like the Caribbean, you probably also will like the Mexican Riviera.

>> There are a lot of watersports -- swimming, snorkeling, diving, whale watches, fishing excursions, etc.

>> Most of the ports of call do have championship golf courses.

>> Every port of call has its own unique cultural influences and attractions.

>> There are some wonderful shopping opportunities.

>> Currency conversion is very easy (ten cents to the peso or ten pesos to the dollar), and currency exchange is unnecessary because all of the merchants accept greenbacks.

In short, give it a try!

BTW, you might also consider a "full transit" Panama Canal cruises as a "compromise." These cruises typically operate between Fort Lauderdale and either San Diego or Los Angeles, so they have some ports of call in the Caribbean and some ports of call along the Mexican Riviera.

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