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Cheryl, take your short break, but VERY short!! I look in on different questions and do post my comments, but then if the issue starts getting too heated or going in the wrong direction, I step back and see where it's going. If it's going off on a tangent, then I'm outta there. I did learn early that I need not take personal offense from posters.

The majority of us here are very tame and enjoy each others' company online. Please stick with us. Sometimes it's not possible to know each other's true meaning in print. It's hard to decipher the intentions of the poster. When I want something said that I want to emphasize, I cap it, as I don't know any other way to do it.

Many times I don't have time to post or am too late for the morning threads so just read through the "news" of the day. Please stay with us and be a part of our cruise circle. Sometimes I post in the evening to specific topics just to let you all know I'm here. Maybe you could do the same.

Take care for now. I enjoy mail so if you want to talk just send me a personal message. In my line of work, I am told many things in confidence, and they stay with me. But-- if you don't want to write, just stay nearby, OK???

Ruby Princess
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