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Cheryl, I too would be dissapointed to see you go, just as I have been saddened to see others leave.

I have to say that I don't think Thomas meant anything malicious by his response to you. I don't know whether you took what you posted as fact or not, but I appreciate Thomas pointing out that it may not have been. It's not always easy to know the intentions of a particular post.

I have experienced hurt feelings as a result of my post being deleted or comments made here too. I just try to look at the big picture, and know that overall this is a wonderful supportive site. I know some like to stir up controversy, but hopefully they just add color and character to the site. I really wish people would first try to deal with issues behind the scenes one on one, and then bring them to the forefront if they can't be resolved. JMHO.

No matter what, I hope you'll change your mind and stick around.

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