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Default Royal Romance aboard the Mariner

[/b][/i]My husband and I recently cruised on the Mariner Of The Seas. He planned for a year to have a vow renewal ceremony on board. This service is provided by Royal Romance, a vendor of Royal Caribbean's. All the care my husband took to keep this a secret from me, emails and faxes sent strictly to his boss at work and our travel agent only all to be ruined upon entering our stateroom the day of embarkation. It is usual to find little informational papers and envelopes on your bed and I picked them up and opened them to find a note saying that the ships CPA looked forward to meeting with us and discussing our up and coming vow renewal. I thought at first this is in error until my husband let our a few expletives!!! All his hard work dashed away in seconds!! The ships CPA was totally unaware because Royal Romance FAILED to communicate that this was to be a surprise. The CPA was very apollogetic and sincerely so. She said she would contact Royal Romance and let them know of this incident. We also contacted them and let them know of our displeasure with their fax paus. When the customer service rep. got back to us, she offered us as compensation and complimentary of course, 25 vow renewal announcements to share with friends and family. It was also requested of me to scan 2 favorite wedding photos and send them so they could pick one to put on these announcements. I don't know how all of you would have felt at what I call a paltry compensation but after spending $500 for this 1 hour service that was not to our satisfaction and taking a year of ones time planning this and wanting it to be a secret, I feel this is no compensation for what we went through. Royal Romance had a take it or leave it attitude and offered no other alternative compensation and greatly lacked any signs of true sincere appologies for what happened. They sent a final email stating if we did not accept these announcements as compensation, the file is closed. To all of you wishing to do a vow renewal or a marrige ceremony please be aware of who and what you are dealing with. Finally, we would have been happy with a monetary refund of $100. Royal Caribbean was gracious enough to offer a $250 cruise certificate good for another cruise. Remember as I said, Royal Romance is just a vendor of Royal Caribbean. Our cruise and experience with Royal Caribbean was wonderful and I highly recommend to all!!
Happy cruising... 8)
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