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Default Goodby - For Awhile


I am VERY NEW to the posting boards and have THOUROUGHLY enjoyed reading everyone's posts. Some I thought were a mite too short on "politeness" in response to a post, but there were only a very few.

The first post I read in response to a "newbie" question (which I am-first cruise) was quite harsh and I thought that there was no way in H___ that I was going to ask some of my "dumb" questions about cruising.

I did finally ask the first of my "dumb" questions and got a very positive post back from one of you "old hands" at cruising on this site.

Since I haven't read many of YOUR comment, please come back and answer some of my "dumb" questions.

I think this is a GREAT site and I thank you for your support to us newbies.

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