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Everything was not set up correctly. They were told, (Royal Romance) explicitly NOT to leave anything or put anything in our stateroom regarding this matter. I think you missed the point or didn't understand my post. There was not to be ANYTHING in the stateroom period. My husband corresponded back and forth with these people for a year. This was a once in a life time experience that they screwed up. He had his ways of keeping it from me up till the time we would have had the service. This was not exactly a inexpensive little ditty either. Maybe if it happened to you, you would understand better how he/we felt. I hardly feel that 25 vow renewal announcements were compensation. It probably wouldn't have bothered us so much except for their attitude. This is it, take it or leave it. I had placed a call to the person in charge of Royal Romance and I quess they felt so smug that they never bothered to return my call. We have totally dropped it. My post is merely a word to the wise, just be aware of who and what you are dealing with! And, yes, I am very lucky to have a husband who happens to love me very much and is very thoughtful. That's why this was so very special to him.
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