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Packing is very simple at our house. A few weeks before the cruise, the simple stuff like t-shirts, shorts and the like are put on the bed in the spare bedroom (sure hope nobody comes to visit!). Then a few days before, the evening clothes (golf shirts & dockers, etc.) are ironed and hung on a rack that attaches to the top of a closet door. Every day is accounted for, and a spare outfit is packed (just in case). Then the evening before we leave, everything is packed except for the stuff that goes in the carry-ons; each of us taking care of our own clothes.

With all of the regs. of the airlines, it's much tougher to pack for a cruise. We used to pack everything in two large suitcases (and our two carry-ons). But now, with the 50 lb. weight limits, we go with three suitcases. It's a pain, but it's something we've gotten used to. Plus, it makes more room for our purchases. Gotta have gifts for our cat-sitters.

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