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I dont cross pack but I am a compulsive packer. See I usually travel with my cousins, who are both the same size as me. I have a alot of clothes at home (3 closets and 2 dressers full) so I always end up packing for 3. A week before I'll get a phone call "Hey Susan can you bring that pink skirt.." or "Hey susie, can you pack those white sandles for me.." ect. I just got this hugeeee bag last year. Its really great. LL Bean sells this rolling can go either way. and it comes in sizes s-xl and really cool colors and patterns. I got the blue hibuscus with my name put on it (really great to find at the luggage carasol!) I have a sytem for packing because im a huge neat freak. Dinner wear is planned out weeks ahead of time so I can coordiante jewlwey and shoes. Than i pack casual nnight time outfits that I can mix and match. Than i pack bathingsuits and coverup. Sandles and shoes are next. and than Tolitries and hair tools are last, usually the night before. As long as it fits in the bag..than im good to go :-)
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