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On my last cruise: 14 days Hong Kong to Osaka I had a great inside cabin on Statendam. It was quite large; 180 sq. feet, more closet space than we've had in a Sky Suite on Celebrity and a fantastic cabin steward. However after three or four days I started getting inside cabin psychosis. I started planning on how I could get the couch into the hall, up the stairs and over the side without anyone seeing. I began looking for a saw because I knew I would have to cut it in half to do it. The darn thing just took up too much space. I also started to hate the curtain in back of the bed. Who are they trying to fool? There's no window there and it just took up valuable ledge space in back of the bed.

I also had the uncontrollable urge when I first awoke at 5:00 a.m. to slap on a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt and go up on deck to see if it really was as dark as the front of the ship camera was showing. All the time hoping I wouldn't have to come in close contact with another human being because I looked like heck and I hadn't brushed my teeth. I did look like a psychotic person.

So yes: From now on I will make sure I have a balcony. After 18 cruises I guess I am completely spoiled and the 19th one wasn't the time to go for an inside.

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