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When I was booking with my PVP for my cruise next month, he asked what I was doing next weekend - the Fantasy just opened up inside cabins for $212 person for a four night (includes port fees and taxes). What a great deal considering the same sailing in May for me is $350. Mike is right, they upgrade, then open what is left at deeply discounted prices.

I have always been upgraded, but keep in mind an upgrade is almost always within your category (Inside to Inside on higher deck, OV to OV on higher deck, etc). Very rarely do you go outside of your category, but it does happen (and I am jealous of those who get it). On my cruise next month, we got a two category uprade (1A to 4B).

Luckily my new PVP is also a good friend (I am cruising with him and other friends in Nov) and calls me when deals arise....

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