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Please be nice to the personal assistants / butlers / stewards. They have probably the hardest jobs on the ship (next to the people working on Deck 1 &0 - laundry, plumbers, dishwashers, etc). Mke it as easy as possible for them and write down a list of standing requests and give it to them on the first couple days, along with a personal conversation about where they are from and how long they have been on the ship, etc. Treat them as equals, because lord knows on the ship there is kind of a de-facto segregation based on work schedules and departments. People in housekeeping work 90 hour weeks before they qualify for overtime and per union regulations can work up to 13 hour days before a required sleep break. That doesnt happen often, but i have seen timecards with 80+ hours on a week. Get to know them and be a nice person and they will find a way to make things even more special for you.

The assistants are awesome and most all are some of the nicest people you'll meet. I'm sure they will make your cruise a memorable one. Again, get to know them and they will get to know you very well.


I can't say I know what they look like. In my position there was no reason for me to be in the cabins on the sky deck unless I was doing something contrary to company policy, which *cough* never happened. you can look on celebrity's website they have deck and room plans for all the suites. as i remember, from the deck plans on the wall, rooms 1047 and 1044 (i think..) are the largest on the ship. All the inside sky deck cabins are the same size according to the ships blueprints.

hope that helps. happy cruising, and don't spend too much on booze. the reason for the seapass cards is so you don't keep rack of your spending! in mexico, H2O bottle - H2O + Clear Beverage of Choice is the best way to go :-)
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