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Even better than that . It's 3% for non-NCL purchases, with a 1% bonus for any NCL purchases -- deposits for your cruise, onboard account, etc.

I figure I've been averaging about 50 points per month -- maybe a little more. We put several of our regularly occuring monthly charges on it -- including things like the cell phone, satellite TV service, internet access, etc. Several months we've had large expenses -- like car repairs, college tuition, other travel expenses, etc., so it's been mounting up pretty fast. I actually transfer the money over to a savings account about once a week to cover my weekly purchases -- that way I don't have to worry about having the funds available when that rather large monthly bill shows up in the mail!

There is a limit of 250 points per month (I'd probably have a heart attack if I opened a bill where I'd spent enough money to get that many points in a month), and a 1,000 annual point limit. I've read posts on some of the other cruise boards where people will have 2 or 3 NCL cards to maximize their yearly points -- but I just don't spend that much money.
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