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Thanks for being willing to answer our questions about Mercury. We were on the 3/17 sailing. The ship had just returned from its initial big ourbreak of noro-virus. We asked numbers of people what the reason for the intense cleaning was and never got the truth. It wasn't until we'd returned that a friend showed me a San Diego paper article on the 200 sick of the 3/6 group. Can you tell us if there were specific instructions as to what to reply to such questions? The Captain's daily words were not at all specific, altho I thought more open once the CDC folks came aboard. Also, what was your job on the ship? I would agree that the personel on the ship were incredibly hardworking thru the ordeal. We felt so badly to see them cleaning hours on end. I hope more people thanked them for their efforts than complained about the situation. The manner in which this was handled was not their choice.
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