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ok...Im sure this has been brought up and I just didnt get to it in the millions of q&a's out there....

I know on Carnival we get a $10 per day per person tip charge..even for my little ones which is fine...but if we give extra at the end, what should that be? I usually pick up after my family before we go out the door and we dont usually spend time in a room but in the dining room on every cruise we always have a WONDERFUL staff...what is the customary amount that we should leave...and if we give it to our head waitor will he divvy it up with the rest of the staff or do we do it individually???? I just dont know and I certainly dont want to offend them by not leaving enough...we usually give them $20 each (to each of our wait staff)...but I have read people giving them $100 or so at the I cheap? I try not to be but I just dont know...If I had a dinner bill then I would give the 20-25 % but for the cruise....I cant calculate! thanks for your help!!!
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