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The $10.00 per person per day is designed to take care of all the people you are expected to tip, except room service. The bars add their own automatic 15% gratuity. Anything you choose to give over and above that amount is purely up to you. It is not necessary, but if you feel that you want to give a little more the staff will be grateful. Some people tip the Maitre D', some don't. We always tip $1-2 for room service, depending on whether we are getting a meal or just coffee. We mostly just order coffee every morning, so just tip $1.00. I don't think of myself as a cheap person, but I do not tip over and above the $10.00 per day that is recommended. If someone were to really go out of their way and do something extra for me, or if I was traveling with a lot of small children and felt that that made a lot of extra work for the staff, then I would probably tip a little more.
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