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Hi- SO and I just got back last week and the Valor was awesome! Didn't travel with kids, but I can answer some of your questions:

We ate at Scarlett's (supper club) and had mixed feelings. Some of the dishes were great- best filet mingon I've ever had- some we didn't like. Many of the dishes are prepared with various alcoholic beverages and we found it interfered with the flavor of the other ingredients. For example, the lobster bisque tasted like a bowl of congac. It's an acquired taste, and possibly just not for us. The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing. All in all, my SO and I were glad we experienced it, but will not do it again on next year's cruise.

WI FI is available shipwde, but I believe the cost is the same as going to the internet cafe (located at the back of Winston's Cigar Bar). There are plans you can buy or use a per minute fee (on the plans, the rates are lower, but you lose what you don't use). One of the days at sea (toward the end of the cruise), they offer a discount on minutes if you purchase a plan. Check your Capers for that.

Laundry- We packed light and did laundry. The first time we sent it out. It was VERY expensive - $56.00 for two small bags. We must have figured it wrong on the slips they gave us becuase we thought we would be paying about $20. I would advise you to find out in advance how much it will cost. There is also a two-day turnaround time unless you request same-day, which is even more expensive. The self- service laundry facilities are fine and we will choose that next time. There is a special toward the end of the cruise ($15/bag). The bags are quite small.

Hope this helps! Happy sailing!
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