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Default Interested in your post, and will be able to disucss what is

available if you have researched it. thanks
new york port ,,,,,for me,,,but, i can fly is the price is right on the cruise. thanks for mail is quicker. there is one cruise that is going saw it today,,from new york,,but, might be to late to get. reply soon. thanks
Hi! 57/F., I have never been on a lenghy cruise, I am looking at prices and double all the time, so I don't bother. Now I see that it is possible to get to know a cruise partner on this site and talk about your interests and possible travel. So I live in New York, Long
Beach. If your looking for a new Cruiser, but not new traveler we may have a match. M/F dosen't matter. My locations are not limited, but I would like to leave from N.Y.if possible. Lets meet soon.
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