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Default Re: Legend went to Bermuda for emergency!

Brand New Girl - were you in the dining room when they would do the dances after dinner? I participated in 3 of the I think 6 that they did!! It was fun!

Yeah Loav - Sorry to hear it happened, but kids are kids! They just aren't raised the way they were raise back in the older days. That didn't happen on our ship, or if it did... I didn't notice it! If you want less kids or less noise maybe you should pick a different cruise line. Carnival is know to attract a younger crowd.

To be honest I do not think I will ever take another Carvial cruise ship again. It seemed like our crew was stuck up and they stunk. I did NOT like our CD Brett Alans, most of his jokes were lame and he didn't have a personality. He barely showed up for anything, the only time I saw him was at the shows, and even those were kind of lame so I didn't go to them all. Our "adult rated" late night comics weren't even that funny. The comidian on the 2nd night was so bad no one laughed at half his jokes! The last day of the cruise we tried to go to the show, and there were NO seats! Granted I was with a family of 11 - but either the seats were saved or there were people just standing anywhere. I got frustrated b/c my family were all standing in the back and I sat on a step in the upper deck. After the comedian I left and didn't watch the rest.

My wait staff were VERY nice! I for get the head waiter's name but he would always bring us extra desserts, and he would always allow me to order two appitizers every night! However, the food was less than to be desired. Almost all of my meals (or someone else at my table's meals) were either too small of a portion, cold, too tough to chew, not cooked long enough over cooked! I was VERY disappointed.

I took 2 Royal Caribbean cruises last year and everything was wonderful; the crew, the CD, the food, and the entertainment.

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