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Default Re: Legend went to Bermuda for emergency!

MysteriousVxin, Sorry to hear you did not like the cruise as much. Well I thought the food was great. I have been on Seabourn Princess and 2x on Carnival and I still love Carnivals food. Cant compare it to Seabourn but still great. Our waiters, the person who sold the drink at diner and all the crew I ran into were very nice. Said hello, good night good morning, and very helpful when we had question. Our waiter also let us order extra. I do agree about the small portions of food but I got full aftter drinks a stater ,Salad the main entree and deseret. Same with the comedy shows I only found 1 funny and only 2 show great. The take 2 one and jazz hot. All the other ones I hated. Last year when I went there were much better shows. All I did not like were are Cabin staff. Did not like them. Even when we put the Pirvacy Please sign the still bugged us while sleeping. Other then them it was great. Dont just say no to Carnival for one experiance. Maybe in the future you can try again.
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