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I've been on 3 cruises. On my first I brought a bunch of professional photos they were beautiful.

The last two cruises I hated all the pictures with me in them. Ok Im really, really picky I did some modeling so this makes me a detail nut, regarding lighting, my expression, skin tone, wrinkles etc. I think my own photos with my digital camera came out great but the professional ones I found very unflattering so I didn't buy any. I was not impressed with the photographers at all. I think they should offer to airbrush! They also need to do simple things like shoot at eye level or lower to make petite woman like me look taller. It's a photographer trick.

I did like the black and white photos they took of people laying on deck in the sun. They made everyone look bronze and beautiful, but I wasn't in any of those.Bummer I would like to see more black and white photos much classier overall, with a retro feel.
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