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Canada is actually quite boring. Apart from pockets of historical interest in the East and in particular in Quebec, there is little to do that can be called 'fun'. The climate is unforgiving, and winter could last upwards of 9 months. There are some beaches, but you need a sweater unless it is July or August. Going in the water is a definite no-no.

The nightlife in most places other than Montreal is abysmal. Cultural activities, such as theatre and arts are largely lacking, or when present are vaguely reminiscent of valium. I mean, these activities exist, but only Canadians can truly appreciate them. Years of mindless beer-drinking, hockey-violence-watching and almost religious and institutionalized substance abuse have transformed some of the locals into a drab, aggressive and potentially confrontational bunch. Women including.

I would however recommend Canada if you enjoy being in pristine and beautiful natural surroundings, if you are retired or if you are British.
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