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Wheee...congrats on your marriage...your honeymoon will be super either way....any cruise is good haha

I live in south florida, and trust me i would have rather spent 2 weeks on any ship anywhere than here with NO electric for 2 solid weeks thanks to wilma

the ships "outrun" the hurricaines...just be sure to get in town a day ahead and check out trip prepared that they may change the ports if there is a storm...but they will keep you safe, better than on land <grin>

as to "which"??? JMO>>> Eastern is probably more "romantic">>>

Eastern can be a bit easier for a first time cruise as usually you do not have to tender into any islands *unless it is a private island like Princess Cays or Half moon cay on Holland

Seems like many ports on Western are tender ports

Western is good for archeology, mayan ruins...
it is also good for the more "extreme' sports...if you want to do zip lines and cave tubing and stuff like that

This is JMO>>> but in the eastern ports I never took ship Jamaica i am tho, the sundancer yacht to dunns river falls....for safety/to avoid that is something to consider

For a first timer/hassle free cruise with out many tenders, without as many "precautions" I would go eastern IF the ships were comparable

Hey...go east for Honeymoon...and go west on 1st Anniversary !!

Imagination May 8-13 !!!
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