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It's me, Luci again.... I had heard that Carnival Pride was a great ship to cruise on so I contacted Ms. Kari Lee who is the manager of the VTG Hosted Singles and asked her if she could set-up a cruise for us singles on the Carnival Pride. Kari Lee made my dream come true in setting up the Oct.29th cruise just for us singles.
I am really excited in cruising on the Carnival Pride with a singles group.
I was able to talk to the East coast cruisers to cruise on this ship. I live in Los Angeles, California. Jet Blue flies into Long Beach airport where the cruise ship is located near the Queen Mary. Plus, the pre-cruise VTG party will be located in Long Beach. You should try to fly in one day in advance if you want to join us at the VTG pre-cruise party.
There are some hotels that have free shuttles to the ship.
When we get our own yahoo website for our cruisers I will post more info. on what hotels to stay at and what shuttles to take, what to pack, etc.
East coast singles should fly in one day early so you can rest and party before we get on the ship. Luci
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