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Originally Posted by tuggers
Thank you so much for your frank and truthful answers. I was on the 3/27 cruise and while I hate that we had the virus, my beef is with the handling of it.

I think that X consistently drops the ball when there is a crisis. They hide and don't tell passengers the truth, they lie or at the very least stretch the truth, they ignore any dissension until it is of the dimension that they are afraid passengers will band together for action and then they throw insulting amounts of money around as if our displeasure or pain could be bought off. The Executives fail to acknowledge any form of communication that is not fawning over the X experience. You can't even get a return receipt for a letter or email. Total head in the sand.

My question to you is this. Do you think the company is in 'good' hands with the current execs. It seems to me that when Rick Sasso was around there was more accountability. Then when Jack Williams came along, I thought things were not as good, but he still had a the 'buck stops here'
mentality. Now with Hanrahan, I am seeing a mouth piece with nothing behind it. At one time Richard Fain was a force there but I wonder if his role is diminishing?

I was asked by an exec what would you have done if you were Hanrahan.
My reply was that if I had a situation such as the M with thousands of people affected, I would have been on the first plane out to join the ship and see things for myself. If it was impossible for me to go, I would have sent an exec who was my right hand person to be my eyes and ears. Instead they sent junior customer service reps with no authority to do anything, Their role was strictly to take notes, send in the data, and as Roxanne told me, the higher ups will make a decision in 4 to 6 weeks! How absurd! We were on the ship, living this nightmare! We wanted answers and solutions then!

I, too, thought the ship should have been quarantined even if the almighty dollar fell for a cruise or two.

Your thoughts please.
When you sign off the ship, they give you a questionaire about your thoughts on the management of the ship. Never in my years have I seen so many "strongly disagree" marks ticked. Everyone on the ship knows that the management has been going down the tubes, and there is not much to do. If you think about it, RCL's best interest is to let celebrity die, then buy the ships for RCL and write off the tax loss. In the meantime, make as much money as possible.

Yes, the execs are out of touch with the reality of life on the ship, but you can say that about just about every large organization which must delegate authority. However, I agree that more than lip service should have been done faster. Celebrity flew out a doctor who arrived on the ship in cabo and supervised the cleaning, but even then, at the managers meeting people were making points about different sources of contamination that corporate doctrine didn't even think to address (Salt and pepper shakers? The hand sanitizers themselves? laundry water? We're still doing pool activities?).

The other thing you need to remember is that at the same time, the Millenium Tour Bus thing and the Princess Ship fire were going on. The execs had their hands full doing that, and trying to spin it the coorect way. I would, however, agree that celeb needs to do some major thinking about who has authority to do things for customers.
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