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You will have fun, fun, fun. When you get to San Juan you need to walk around near the ship where you will see vendors selling their stuff. If you walk to the left side you will find an older gal and her daughter selling
copies of designer purses. I bought me a Prada purse just because I fell in love with it. I paid $40.00. The real purse is worth $1,000. Nobody in my family cares that I have a Prada purse but I care and that is all that counts.
They also have Louis Vitton purses. Look for the LV letters on it.
You can also stock up on canned or bottle sodas for your son. If he loves to drink sodas you can also buy him a Soda card on the ship. It is expensive but worth it because he will be hanging with a group of kids. He can get a soda anytime he wants.
Try to sit at dinner time with a large group of people so you can meet people.
Have fun for me shopping. Luci
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