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Default Re: Is Canada boring

Originally Posted by meh
AHHHHH I hate you all, or some of you. This is getting really annoying...sorry in advance to anyone who hasn't done this before...CANADA IS A COUNTRY. In fact, it's a lot bigger than the States. Asking..."Is Canada boring" is like asking "Is America boring?" Most cruises to "Canada" just visit the Maritimes by the way. Correct me if I'm wrong but Americans have a habit on dumping on thier Canadian neighbors and it really shows when you ask a question like "Is Canada boring?"
Please do not suggest all American's are dumping on Canada. I resent that and all that it implies. The question was an honest question and was made by someone that is NOT as informed as some people. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to travel and I think this forum is where this person should be able to get the answers needed. They should be able to do that without being embarrassed and pt off by a reply like yours.

Please do not let the attitude of this one person stop you from visiting Canada. I have met some beautiful people from there. I loved Vancouver when we were there last year.
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