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Booked Alaskan cruise , Celebrity/Mercury, for JuLY 21 -28. Taking 2 teenagers, 18 & 16. Kids , although excited about vacation in general are not too happy about Alaskan cruise siting their findings that's it's more "grown up" oriented. We cruised before and it's been hit and miss with teenage entertainment, but warm weather was always on our site and helped ease up bad attitude.

I really do not want to take them if with an exception of sight seeing there is nothing else to do for teens. We can still cancel kid's package. Any input from anybody who was faced with the same predicament is greatly appreciated.

Alaska has a more extensive variety of activities and shore excursions than any other cruise destination, and nearly all of it is very well suited to teenagers. If they are aventure minded, they probably would love shore excursions such as muching sled dogs on a glacier, kayaking, zip lining or an adventure hike with rope bridges through a forest, or any of several other possibilities. The sixteen year old can participate in the teen program aboard ship, too, and probably will find a lot of peers there. Unfortunately, the eighteen year old misses that by a year (but this would be true on all cruise lines) -- but the eighteen year old will have access to the pool and hot tubs in the magrodome and, after 11:00 PM, to the disco, which are reserved for adults.

There are two ways in which you can play out this scenario for maximum effect.

>> Option #1. Figure out what your budget for shore excursoins will be (make sure that it's sufficient to cover a "high end" excursion, like the dog mushing on a glacier, or two, and then give them the budget, point them to the shore excursion section of Celebrity's web site, tell them what the budget is, and let them pick out what they would like to do. I'm certain that they will find something that will excite them, and your problems will be over.

>> Option #2. Let them spend the next couple months bemoaning the fact that they have to go with you, but surreptitiously plan some shore excursions that they will really enjoy -- perhaps mushing huskies on a glacier, zip lining through a rain forest, a ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route, etc. Whenever they start chattering about how neat the tour was on the way back, and especially how great the whole trip was, you can really rub in their precruise laments.

Your choice.

Finally, consider going in different directions if you find that your interests differ. The eighteen year old is legally an adult, and thus might appreciate the liberation of going on an excursion or two without Mom & Dad in tow. You know your sixteen year old much better than I do, so I'll let you decide whether you want to allow your sixteen year old the same privilege (assuming, of course, that Celebrity's rules for shore excursions allow unaccompanied minors). There's no harm in doing different things during the day and then comparing notes over dinner.

MV Mercury is a fabulous ship! I have no doubt that you all will enjoy the cruise, once you all get aboard!


P. S.: You did not really expect a different answer here than on the Celebrity Cruises board, did you?
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