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On our first cruise the formal shot came out really nice, so we bought it and one other. On our next cruise (we've only been on two together), it was our honeymoon so I bought a few more than the first cruise. The formal shot was not as good as on our first cruise, but it was pretty good and it was our honeymoon so I bought it. My hubby didn't want to buy any, but I bought some anyway because hey, it was our honeymoon. I think I spent about $50.00 total, one 8X10 and several 5X7. We took photos with our tablemates and bought those, plus a couple of others that came out nice. We are taking my kids on our next cruise, so I am sure we will buy at least the formal shot, maybe a few others, it just depends on how they turn out. I try not to spend too much, and I take a lot of photos myself, but some of the ship's photos turn out really cute. I figure after a few more cruises I won't feel the need to buy them every time.
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