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Greetings Ford R. Ron!

I just finished booking the Sept 23 Canada N/E 7-day fall foliage cruise out of NY on Carnival Victory about one hour ago! My cruise agent lives in Auburn, Maine just west of Portland. I can query him on the Aug/Sept Northern US/Canada weather history for you, or if you'd like to do it on your own, go to (or and you can enter a region, city or zip code in any of the port areas and view historical averages for weather there throughout the years.

My agent said one of the most charming, friendly, clean and interesting cities on this cruise is Halifax! Especially the Titanic Museum. The town-folk in Halifax were the first rescue responders to the Titanic disaster; Halifax is the closest land mass with communication stations to the Atlantic Ocean path from England to America. There are artifacts and ship pieces and photos and personal records & data from the two days that it took to complete rescue operations back then. I am not particularly a person who seeks ports for their historical content i.e. galleries, museums, cathedrals, forts etc. But I have studied many articles on the Titanic, not just the epic film version. In fact, I became curious about the various versions of how it all happened and why it took so long for help to arrive....and 22 years ago I have birth to my second daughter on April 14th! Anyway, if you search the ships that sail to that region throughout the year and look for the shore excursions you can find out what there is to do and get averages for hi/lo temps in August.

Can't concentrate on going northbound at the present time.....I am too busy day dreaming about my upcoming cruise on June 5th NY to E.Caribbean - 8 nights adjoining cabins category 8I on the Carnival Legend - surrounded by my family on each side of me. We can remove the balcony partitions and party-hearty. I hope Carnival will recover from the experience! A few of my "crew" have never cruised before, so we have sufficiently stressed them out with bogus tales of past experiences.....the method to our madness - make them anticipate the worst case scenario and when nothing negative happens, they'll be elated beyond belief. If we over sell the trip and it turns out to be a bummer, that would be too disappointing. "Keep playing those mind games forever...." I learned much from the Fab 4 (Beatles)....I am a baby-boomer and a Woodstock alumni (original Woodstock in Glen Falls NY).

Hope you have a perfect cruise and return relaxed and safe, but not bankrupt (). let me know what you will save me the trouble of researching it all before I cruise there. (ha ha ha)

Donna (the crazy beachbumMom in NYC)
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