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OK - I'm over it. It is my forum and I do know how hard it is to get information. But let me tell you, I am certainly no kid and it was a LOT harder back when I started on ships in 1982. You couldn't get any information back then.

And even now there are a lot of people out there who sell books on "how to get a cruise job" which claim to have tips on job openings but don't.

I am afraid I still stand by my point, even anonymously it would stupid for someone making more money for the same job to tell other qualified people about his job, unless he planned on leaving it soon.

Plus - salaries are something you do not discuss out of respect for your employer. What if I divulged my salary and one of my co-workers was getting less, or more? If he was getting less he might quit (p*ssing off my employer) or he might complain and the company cuts my salary to make us even.

I know for a fact people on ships do not discuss their salaries with their co-workers, so it isn't going to happen here much either.

When I was working for Jean Ann Ryan (she is very well-known in the industry) and I mentioned to my NCL co-workers I was unhappy with my pay and I told them what I made they hinted that they were making a lot more working for the company NCL. So I did what I suggest to people here. I got written recommendations from the entertainers I work with, and my co-workers, and I took them to another cruise line and get a better job as soon as my contract was up.

So, what is my point - anytime there is a desirable job like working on a ship you have to do it yourself. If someone is the "just hand it to me" type who doesn't put in the effort they won't last long in the business because there are too many smarter, more resourceful people out there who want that job.

I am very happy amd proud of our 18-year-old teen editor, Dan Polulak, who turned his position here at CruiseMates (and other things he does) into a starting position at Carnival. He is only 18, but he is a self-starter, motivated, hard-working young man. I can even tell you he fought for his job with us at CruiseMates, hanging in there even though we originally selected someone else. He was right there reminding us he still wanted the job if it didn't work out, and he got it. Because he stuck with going after his goals he has gotten what he wants. Way to go, Dan.

I hear so many people using excuses these days when it comes to work. I was thinking of telling my stepdaughter I could help get her a job on a cruise ship, at 20 she could really use a change in her luck, but she surprised us by getting a huge tattoo on her back. "Well, if people can't accept me for who I am then I don't want to know them" was her rationale.

Great. I guess she won't have any problems figuring out who those people are - the ones who won't be handing things to her on a platter because she thinks about pleasing herself with no regard for how other people see her.

So, why the rant? Because if someone wants my help to get a job on a ship, show me you have the intellect and resourcefulness to deserve the job first. Then I will help you. I am not going to go out of my way for someone who is going to take what I have to say as, "is that all you got"
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