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Default Why am I more excited about our upcoming cruise

than I am about our upcoming trip to Germany?

I've done both before, though my trip to Germany was only three days and not the most pleasant experience (I was traveling with my mother.) I traveled with my mother on the last cruise, too, though there were 14 of us all together so her impact on the trip was somewhat diluted.

The Germany trip is a group tour with about 40 folks, musicians and their spouses, that I've never met. It's a polka band and they will be playing concerts as we travel. Mr. L has met them at rehearsals and he says they seem very nice. The itinerary looks great!

The cruise is to Alaska, just Mr. L and me. We've never been there and it's only our second cruise.

I'm thinking the Germany trip, though it sounds wonderful, may not be as relaxing as the cruise. Also, there will be less freedom to do what we want and less privacy as we travel with the same 40 people every day by bus, though we'll have our own room at night.

We can do whatever we want on the cruise and if there are people we don't care for, it's much easier to distance ourselves on a huge ship than a bus. We can sleep in or get up early, get off at a port or stay on board, etc.

Or maybe it's just because I don't have a great board like this one on which to share my excitement! (Anyone know of a good travel board?)

How did your other trips compare to your cruises?
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