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Ok so let me get this straight... is everyone saying the 4 PC restaurants are only for the purpose of eating at whatever time you want instead of the early vs late seating? although you need to make a reservation and not on a walk in basis (kind of defeats the purpose in a way??) August will be our first Princess cruise going to Alaska. We have always traveled RCCI in the past and are very much looking forward to trying Princess.

First, to clarify terminology, "Personal Choice Dining" means that a ship offers both "Traditional Dining" (with assigned tables at first and second seatings) and "Anytime Dining" (which operates like a restaurant ashore, with seating on either reservation or walk-in basis).

MV Diamond Princess and MV Sapphire Princess offer five "Personal Choice Dining" restaurants -- one large restaurant for "Traditional Dining" and four smaller restaurants for "Anytime Dining." Each "Anytime Dining" restaurant serves the regular dining room menu, which changes daily, plus a distinct theme menu that remains fixed for the entire cruise. I understand that the restaurant for "Traditional Dining" also serves the four theme menus on a rotating basis so passengers who opt for "Traditional Dining" also have the opportunity to order from those menus.

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