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Originally Posted by tandav
We are excited to go on our first Alaskan cruise aboard Mercury later in May. Any tips on luggage. Since there are 3 formal nights the ladies need to carry lots of stuff, and I wonder if we will be able to fit 3 mid -size bags ( 25inch) , and small carry ons in our cabin which is a cabin with sitting area for 3 on 9th deck ( ocean view) . Our Celebrity guidelines suggested getting a fresh formal outfit for all 7 evenings so that can be plenty of luggage for a couple with a teenager.

We are also trying to book shore excursions in advance, and wonder how weather will be for fly-fishing, hiking etc in late May ? Is it possible to get these excurions at last minute when we arrive at the port and check out the weather .
Thank you fellow Mercury passengers and crew memebers for any suggestions. I will be sure to take my Nikon
I really would not know. I think in a standard state, there is plenty of room for most luggage. if you can get it on the plane, you can defintiely fit it on the boat. You'd probably be better off asking fellow passengers, as my position was not as a stateroom attendant-type guy.

happy cruising. I was on the MX run and didn't get a chance to do AK, so I can't tell about flyfishing. The shorex people are very nice, though and they can help you out.
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