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Yes, when we went to Hong Kong and the Philippines. Two different responses.

In Hong Kong fashions seen at the malls are about 6 months ahead of what is here in the States. We were very very surprised at how well the business people dressed in Hong Kong and Kowloon. But the Chinese in general are not at all shy about stopping dead in their tracts to stare directly at a foreigner. We found that the best way to blend was to dress in nice casual CONSERVATIVE clothes.

There are plenty of expatriates from Europe and the United States in Hong it's not the European or American appearence that draws attention, but its ususally the manner of dress, manners (or lack of) that does. Some American's tend to be quite open, friendly and loud.

In the Philippines...conservative dress was the RULE...Most Americans really stand out. What is generally accepted here as de rigeur in dress, is quite unexceptable there. We stayed in the Makati District (business district) and it didn't matter. All the business people dressed very very nice but conservative. Conservative dress for casual and business is expected (it would be considered very very conservative by American Standards)

We always try to blend in as best we can by first researching where we are going and then dressing accordingly. We try to respect others customs and culture. This helps us from embarassing ourselves and leaving a bad impression of American culture. We found we don't get as many stares.

It's wasn't really hard. For example: Instead of shorts, I wore a long light weight skirt. Instead of a short revealing top...I wore loose tops. Nothing low cut or revealing.
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