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Hi Nereida,

Thanks for your response - I appreciate it.

I'm REALLY looking forward to this cruise. I can't believe I have to wait until SEPTEMBER. AAARRGGHH!

Anyway, about the guy who told me that the Riviera deck is the "slum" of the ship...this guy is a co-worker and he makes a TON more money than me and only ever books suites and goes on and on about how much better his cruises are because of it. Now, I have no problem with suites or the people who have booked suites, I just have kind of a problem with this guy because he basically told me MY trip would suck if I booked on the Riviera deck.

I only have experience on NCL, but I booked lower decks then too and we had such a blast, it didn't matter to me at ALL that we were further down.

As for having to walk up the stairs or go farther to the buffet, I say, "I'm up for it"!

Thanks again for writing back -- I am glad to hear the Riviera deck is quiet.

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