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I can't believe someone else uses Magie Noie. I thought I was the only person alive who used it. I've worn it for twenty years. Before that I wore Chantilly and still do for light summer time wear. And I do still have a bottle of Arpege (Fern, I think I outdid you!) I break out from time to time.

Other than that I get too overwhelmed by a lot that's out there. One of my employees was always coming in with bottles of Bath and Body Works lotions, sprays and candles. I finally had to box it all up and send her home with it one day. It was just too much. Scent should be delicate, not hit you in the head with a hammer.

As a teenager I used to babysit for a wonderful lady who bathed in Youth Dew. I would come home and reek of it just from being in her house! Drove my dad crazy (but that was a bonus).

I get a catalog from a mail order place names something like "Vermont Store" and they sell stuff we remember from years ago. One of my favorite parts is looking at the old perfumes you can still get from them like Tweed, Ambush, Evening in Paris (gag), and Yardley Lavendar. And when was the last time you bought any Tangee lipstick!
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