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Magnolia Blossom,

My son in law is Navy and wore those gorgeous dress whites at their wedding. Gosh, what a sight.

You're right. The naval officers' dress white uniform is positively the sharpest uniform of all.

And can we even talk about Marines with those sabres, or would that melt down the net?

Sure, we can. Their uniforms beat anything that the Army and the Air Force have, by far. They can't quite hold a candle to the naval officers' dress whites, though!

That said, the proper uniform for the "formal" eveings on a cruise is either the Dinner Dress Blue Jacket uniform or the Dinner Dress White Jacket uniform, as appropriate to the season, for a naval officer or the Evening Dress B unform for a Marine officer. Junior officers who do not posess those uniforms may substute the Dinner Dress Blue or Dinner Dress White uniform (Navy) or either the Blue Dress A or Blue-White Dress A uniform (Marine Corps), again as appropriate to the season.

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